There is not just one right way to build performance systems, we think they can exist in all shapes and sizes - we’ll help you find the best solution for your performance. If you’re already a touring artist or production who is already working with backing tracks but you want to find ways to streamline the setup and figure out where you can add more automation, we’d love to help you out! Are you an artist who is just starting to play live and you’re not sure if and how to use playback or how to setup your Ableton session? We think that it’s never to early to get into and there is ways to get a functional setup on a budget by utilizing the equipment you might already have. Get in touch and we’ll figure out the best way to get you started.


We’ll make it happen for you. Once we’ve planned and figured out the best setup together, we’re there to help you put it into action. We can build a new Ableton Session from scratch or optimize the one you already have. Together with our partners we can provide you with technical infrastructure (Racks, Equipment, Cabling) needed for this and help you set it up in an easy-to-use and efficient way. Once that is all in place, we want to work with you to use this technology in a musical way to automate your setup and enable to perform more freely - patch changes, AutoTune settings, mixing console snapshots - you name it.


With the growing importance of backing tracks in live shows, we see that there is an increasing need for people with the necessary skills. We have gained knowledge about the best practices and easy approaches when using Ableton Live for live performances and would like to help you gain those skills. Once we have set up a performance system for you, we would like to help you understand how best to operate it and make adjustments and changes. We aim to make our setups as easy to work with and low maintenance as possible, so that we can train the crew you already have instead of you having to hire new people. If you’re a performer who wants to be in control of the live show, we’ll help you get the knowledge you need so that you don’t have to rely on other people to operate the show for you. Our goal is to make you more self-sufficient. We’re planning to educate and give workshops on all topics involving Ableton Live for backing tracks and performance so keep an eye out for that. Regardless of whether you’re an artist who wants to make use of Ableton Live’s creative possibilities or a stage tech and want to expand the services you can offer to clients, we can get you where you want to go.